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LifeStone’s terms and conditions


We never produce a cast from a failed imprint. If you follow our instructions for use, we gurantee that the imprint will be good. If your imprint reaches us in poor condition, even though you have followed our instructions, we will send you a new imprint kit free of charge.


You can order any products from our web site and checkout online. Payment processing is secured. You can check that you are in a secure area of the site before entering your card details by looking at the start of the address in your web browser which will change from http: to https:

We appreciate some people prefer to order by post or phone and we do not charge a premium for this service. However, we cannot accept cheques or postal orders, payment is only accepted by VISA or MasterCard .

As an online business that is environmentally conscious, we issue the sales receipt for your goods via email.


Upon receipt of your order, please open the package immediately and inspect the contents to ensure there is no damage. If your product has been damaged during shipping, please contact your local post office immediately to submit a claim. We’ll start to produce a new casting or imprint the moment we receive the claim from the post office. Shipping charges are non- refundable and all return shipping costs are the responsibility of the customer. For your security, please return your casting with an insured courier (e.g., UPS, DHL) and retain your receipt. LifeStone is not responsible for items damaged or lost in transit.


Your purchase is an individual handcrafted piece of art that takes seven weeks to make. To allow time for overseas shipping, expect delivery of your casting or imprint to arrive by mail in approximately nine weeks from the day you shipped the imprint kit/s.


Imprint kit: If for any reason you are dissatisfied with the item, simply return it to Lifestone, Flatön 864, SE-47491 Ellös, Sweden, within 14 days for a full refund less any shipping costs

Crystal glass: We want to ensure that you are satisfied with your purchase and therefore we offer a 60-day return policy on all of our castings. We’ll accept the returns, less shipping costs, and will reserve the right to charge a 25% restocking fee, as the products are custom made and personalized.

Please note that small deviations in color, shape and design are to be expected as all our products are individually made by hand. That’s the proof that they’re truly unique pieces of art!

While we rarely encounter customer returns, we want to work with you to resolve any issue you might have so please contact us immediately. We only want satisfied customers we’ll do what we can to make you happy!

To return an item, please call our Customer Service at +46 304 555 11 within 14 days of receipt or your order to request a return authorization number or email us at We cannot accept any returns without prior approval.

Please return the item, a copy of the invoice sent to you at the time of purchase and the reason for the return to: Lifestone, Flatön 864, SE-47491 Ellös, Sweden


LifeStone respects your privacy. All information you provide to us will be held with the utmost care and security. We will not share any information with third parties without your prior approval. If you email comments to us, we may use them for editorial purposes or in promotional, advertising or marketing materials unless you ask us not to.


Handmade Artisan Craftsmanship may leave some traces...

Your glass casting is a unique work of art, made entirely by hand by experienced artisans and glass blowers. The glass is of the highest quality and is the same glass that’s used to produce the exclusive art glass in Swedish crystal — something our glassworks is famous for.

The process leaves many difference traces – and you may find one or more of them in your sand castings. They are not defects but a proof that your casting was produced by the hand of an artist and that’s what makes your baby’s piece of art truly unique.

Examples of one or more traces that you might encounter:

1.) Small air bubbles form when the melted glass is taken from the smelting furnace. These bubbles do not affect the quality or the beauty of the glass.

2.) Grains of sand from the mold may melt on the back or inside the glass and create a wave-like pattern. This may happen when the molten glass slightly moves the imprint in the mold.

3.) A pattern, which looks like beaten metal on the reverse side is due to differences in the temperature between the glass and the mold.

4.) The scissors that cut the red-hot melted glass from the scoop, before it is released into the mold, may leave traces of a veil of mist inside the glass.

5.) A long or short fold on the reverse side of the glass may form when the molten glass spreads unevenly in the bottom of the mold after first striking the imprint.

6.) Imprints placed “at an angle” could result when the weight of the melted glass moves the imprint in the mold.

7.) The thickness and measurement of all the castings varies due to the fact that all is handmade. The thickness of one single casting may also vary — a glass heart could, for example, be thicker on one side than on the other.

It makes an interesting story when telling people how some of these traces were created —each piece is truly a one-of-a-kind!

We sincerely hope that you will enjoy your uniquely handcrafted piece of art. A memory of your baby that will last a lifetime!

Thank you for shopping with LifeStone!