Our glass works

Skrufs glassworks is a family-owned business in the Glass Kingdom in Småland in Sweden. This “kingdom” has traditions dating back centuries and tourists from all over the world make what can only be described as pilgrimages to the area to watch the famous Swedish glass and crystal being made. For many years, this glassworks has traditionally been open all year round and is a huge tourist attraction. Why not pay it a visit!


At least three people have to be present when LifeStone’s glass moulds are cast. They all have special tasks. Everything has to be precision-timed, right down to the second. Watching a master glassblower in action is almost like watching a silent ballet. Incomprehensible to the uninitiated – around the master, the glassworkers move quickly and deliberately, with precise, well-measured movements. No one speaks. All that can be heard is the roar of the ovens.

The secret behind this production process is well kept. Only one person is familiar with every part of the technique.

The glass mass in the large ovens has a temperature of at least 1,200°C – around the clock; it must never be allowed to cool. If the temperature deviates by even a few degrees, it is impossible to work with the glass.


Our glass casting process has now reached the halfway mark. It takes three days for the glass to be cool enough to be removed from the mould. It must then be cleaned, polished, blasted and engraved.