What we do

Most of us have children of our own, so it is easy for us to regard your order as a special assignment. We know from our own experience that every baby’s imprint is the most wonderful thing in the world. So it is both an enormous responsibility and a really enjoyable job!

When we receive your imprint a long process starts before we can send the finished product back to you again. It takes approximately 8-12 weeks depending on what product you have chosen. It is very important for us that what we deliver to you is absolutely perfect. Everything is hand made, step by step.


Carefully working with an imprint.

0hj5FAgXGXaJwOHgM_cP00nOoyTFh6J7vaySVf09M2A,P4Soyra16SUGAiY8vExANwR6JKModNLCN109raYutzM,eEAk4MCi8o4wta3tArx48PaT9yPaLV-BVRmJ2mrcrtMAll text engraving and choice of colours are made after your request.


We always return your original mold  when we send you the finished product. It is very valuable so make sure to keep it in a safe place. You can use the original mold to order more products from us at a later time.