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Brochures, order forms and so on

This is where you can download instructions and order forms.

Order form – casts from clay imprints

Ordersedel Avtrycksbox - Gjutsten, brons, kristallglas, smyckenDownload

To order products with casts made from an imprint kit with LifeStone’s special clay. When you receive an imprint kit, you also receive order forms. If, for any reason, you need a new order form, you can download and print it here.

From an imprint in clay, you can order casts in cast stone, crystal and silver jewellery.

Order form – jewellery from colour prints

Ordersedel Färgavtryck - smycken


You use this order form when you want to order silver jewellery from a paper imprint, a so-called colour imprint. The best way to make a colour imprint is to use LifeStone’s own special imprint kit, but, if you already have an imprint, from the maternity ward, for example, you can normally also use it. If you order an imprint kit, you receive an order form, but you can otherwise download and print one here. You then select the products you wish to order and send in the order form, together with your imprint.

If you do not wish to send us the paper with an imprint, you need to save it as a file on your computer and you can then send it by e-mail. Scan or photograph the imprint at high resolution (at least 1.5 Mb or 300dpi .jpg)

  • Morgan_pedersen

    Hejsan! Ni har tidigare även sålt ramar så man kunde ha sitt kristallglas i. Säljer ni dessa ramar fortfarande? Tack i förhand. Kund Morgan Pedersen