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We are the people who work on your baby’s imprints at LifeStone!

Most of us have children of our own, so it is easy for us to regard your order as a special assignment. We know from our own experience that every baby’s imprint is the most wonderful thing in the world. So it is both an enormous responsibility and a really enjoyable job!

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LifeStone´s studio

Färjan till FlatönThe studio is situated on Flatön, a beautiful island in the archipelago in Bohuslän in western Sweden. Malön-Flatön-Ängön can be reached by a cable ferry. We have a wonderful working environment here. During the summer, thousands of yachtsmen, summer visitors and swimming enthusiasts come to Flatön. During the rest of the year, we have this wonderful place to ourselves.

Every mother says: “What a wonderful idea!”

slipning av bebis avtryck

Every mother and grandmother immediately understands the idea behind LifeStone. Fathers, on the other hand, usually need a little time to become accustomed to the idea of a casting. Grandparents are thrilled that there is a finally a christening present that is appreciated at least as much as a silver spoon!

How I got the idea

The idea came to me one day when I picked up my teenage son from the dentist and he showed me an impression of his teeth.

“Look, mum, that’s my mouth!”

It came to me like a bolt from the blue. I wanted to save the impression and keep it as a memento. Why hadn’t I made a casting of his tiny little toes when he was a baby? What a wonderful memory that would have been…
I started experimenting.

Nine months later

Katinka - grundare av LifestoneAfter many months of research on different materials and methods, there was one impression that was exactly what I had imagined.

A beautiful, lasting memento of a time that can never be repeated. A memory for life.
That is how LifeStone AB began. Today, we have the pleasure of receiving orders from new parents in many distant countries. Every day, foot and hand imprints from all over the world – from places as far afield as Alaska, Singapore and California – arrive on our small island off the west coast of Sweden.

Katinka Bille Lindahl, founder of LifeStone AB.